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Freshers TikTok competition

Queen Mary University Students Union

Want to go viral? We can't guarantee it but we can guarantee a good time with our TikTok competition. Whether you're an influencer, seasoned creator or starting out on your Tiktoker journey, this competition is open to all with a good idea. Round up your squad or fly solo – it's time to cook up those mind-blowing concepts for your TikTok masterpiece. We're talking originality, LOLs, and epic storytelling. Bust out dance crazes, drop sidesplitting skits, showcase your one-of-a-kind talents, or even string together a montage of your fresher escapades – the sky's not the limit, it's just the beginning! We'll share the best of the best and who knows, you might be the face of the Students' Union and the online world in no time.

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